Amina Buddafly describes spontaneous Peter Gunz wedding

    Peter_AminaAmina Buddafly might have her married name tattooed on her side, but the singer/reality star didn’t have a traditional wedding or a ring when she up and married Peter Gunz.

    “We woke up, and we wasn’t drunk anymore. It was early in the morning, and we were both clear in our heads. It was a spontaneous thing,” Amina told Power 107.5 radio. “We had been talking about it for a few weeks, for a little while.”

    Amina said there was a witness present, but she didn’t even have a ring at the time of the ceremony.

    Though Amina admits she suspected Peter was dealing with other women during that time, she wasn’t concerned enough about it to investigate Peter’s situation.

    “As we moved on, months passed. I was wondering and I asked him, but it was always about him and I,” she said.

    Peter’s longtime girlfriend and babymama Tara Wallace has stated that she thinks Amina should have known or made an effort to find out about his other relationships.

    “I really didn’t bother,” she said. “Maybe I should have.”

    Though she felt unrecognized for some time, Amina didn’t publicly claim her title as Peter’s wife until season 4 of “Love & Hip Hop: New York” started taping. That’s when she decided to reveal their secret marriage.

    “I just need to make it clear. I’m the wife. It needs to be respected. Everyone’s talking bad about me, calling me all these names. I just had to make it clear, I am above you,” she said.

    Even after learning that he was playing house with his babymama while they were married, Amina said she doesn’t regret marrying Peter. Although, if the two hadn’t been so spontaneous that fateful morning, things might be different.

    “If we had thought it through, we probably wouldn’t be married right now.”

    Listen to more of Amina below.

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