Kenya questions Phaedra’s Christianity

    Kenya MooreKenya Moore calls herself taking the high road when it comes to the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” conflict between her and Phaedra Parks but wonders if the preacher’s kid is as spiritually mature as she claims.

    “What kind of woman who claims to be a Christian uses a woman’s fertility as an attack against another by referring to ‘scrambled eggs?’ No Christian is cruel,” Kenya wrote in her most recent blog. “These comments are an all-time low, consistent with a devil, not any Christian.”

    On the show, Phaedra spoke to “RHOA” BFF Kandi Burruss about rumors of Kenya and Apollo Nida’s secret rendezvous. She took full advantage of the opportunity to throw a few jabs Kenya’s way, insulting her age in various ways, while assuring Kandi of Apollo’s disinterest in Kenya.

    He’s “not looking for a washed up beauty queen with scrambled eggs. When he wants that, he goes to the Waffle House,” Phaedra said.

    While Apollo’s interest in Kenya’s eggs is debatable, it’s pretty clear that something shady is going on, if it’s just the conflicting he said/she said accounts.

    Kenya continues to deny anything happened between her and Phaedra’s husband and accused him of lying about her offering him sexual favors, initiating text messages with her and even seeing him while he was in L.A.

    “The truth is I have never seen Apollo outside of the show. I’ve never seen him in Los Angeles or any other city. The texts also prove that. Apollo is a liar just like his lie-awyer wife,” said Kenya who suggested Phaedra stop his allowance if she really wants to hear him tell the truth.

    “The real issue is Phaedra’s troubled marriage and what is Apollo really doing with other women and why he can’t keep his eyes ON her. I’m not the issue,” Kenya wrote. “If she really wants the truth from Apollo she should threaten to cut him from her payroll, I’m sure he’ll sing like a bird.”

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