Kanye West explodes on ‘Sway in the Morning’

    Sway Calloway, Kanye WestWhat could have been another mundane celebrity interview took a turn for the sensational when Kanye West turnt up on radio host Sway Calloway.

    Kanye seemingly took offense to Sway’s question about why he relies on endorsements and sponsorship and does not fund his own ventures.

    “Why don’t you empower yourself and don’t need them to do it yourself?” Sway asked.

    Kanye responded at full volume and refused to calm down despite multiple requests from Sway to “relax.”

    “How Sway? You ain’t got the answers, man. You ain’t got the answers,” he yelled. “I’ve been doing this more than you…You tryin’ to give me advice…You ain’t spend $13 million of your own money trying to empower yourself.”

    After Sway humbly admitted his own trials attempting to launch a business, Kanye regained a bit of his composure.

    “This industry of what I’m trying to get into, ain’t nobody broke down. We’re all slaves. I’m not trying to disrespect your show, man,” said Kanye who apologized to Sway.

    During the hostile exchange, Sway offered to scrap the entire interview rather than continue arguing with Kanye.

“You ain’t got to turn up on me man to man, dog,” said Sway. “F#@k these mics. We can turn all this $#!t off. You ain’t got to do this. It’s cool. I love you, bro.”

    Watch more from Kanye about enslavement.

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