NeNe Leakes advises Porsha Stewart to change her last name

    Porsha Stewart & NeNe LeakesPorsha Stewart has explained why she wants to keep her married name despite an ugly divorce, but NeNe Leakes advises something different.

    “If you are so done with Kordell, be done with his last name as well. You guys don’t have children together, so why hold on to something that was negative for you?” asked NeNe in her recent blog.

    The last name isn’t the only thing Porsha’s having trouble releasing. She was also wearing her wedding ring well after divorce papers were filed.

    As for keeping Kordell’s last name, Porsha explained that being Porsha Stewart changed her, so going back to her maiden name just doesn’t seem right. She’s not the same old Porsha Williams anymore.

    “I’m going to keep Stewart. It’s not his name. It’s my name. I was Porsha Williams and I was at one point in my life before I got married. Marriage has taught me so much. I’m a whole ‘nother woman now,” she told Wendy Williams earlier in November. “So, I’m going to own that last name. It belongs to me.”

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