TLC: Lil Mama is not Left Eye’s replacement

    TLC, Chilli, Left Eye, Lil MamaAfter TLC’s most recent performance with special guest, Lil Mama, some are wondering why she doesn’t just become an official member of the group.

    However, Chilli and T-Boz have made it clear that they will never replace their dearly departed member Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes.

    “She’s not stepping into Lisa’s place. Lisa is Lisa. That’s how it is. This is Lil Mama working with TLC,” Chilli told “Access Hollywood.”

    Wendy Williams is one TLC fan who would like to see Lil Mama join the group.

    “I like Lil Mama with TLC. They should just put her in the group. We co-signed on her playing Left Eye in the movie. So, it’s not like she’s coming from just any place. Plus, she fits the size requirement,” Wendy said on her show. “Lil Mama needs a contract and she needs to be a definite member of the group.”

    Chilli said Lil Mama is doing just fine as a solo act and though TLC loves her, she and T-Boz aren’t looking to ever add a new member to the group.

    “Never a replacement, never another member in TLC. I don’t care who you see up here. There will never be another person in this group. Ever,” said T-Boz.

    Get more from TLC & Lil Mama below. Watch.

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