D.C. fans upset with K.Michelle


    K.Michelle is ignoring some insults from disgruntled fans in Washington, D.C., as she focuses on preppin a new mixtape for next year.

    A new year means new music for the “Love & Hip Hop” star and her fans. While she was reflecting on the end of her Rebellious Soul Tour, K.Michelle announced that she’ll have a new mixtape ready to go at the top of the year.

    “The rebels have brought life to my dreams. I f*ck up ALOT, and I want to apologize, but I’m no better than you. I’m just trying to get it right,” K.Michelle said in statement, ThatGrapeJuice.net reports. “As a special thank you, I think it’s only fair we continue this legacy. Jan 8, 2014 I will present to you ‘Still No F*cks Givin.’”

    While most of her fans will be waiting for the January 8 release of Still No F*cks Given, others are still steaming over a reported snub in D.C. TattleTailzz.com reports that K.Michelle was supposed to perform with a local band at the Howard Theatre following her show at the Fillmore on November 27. However, K.Michelle was under the impression that she would only be making an appearance at the Howard Theatre, not performing.

    Despite K.Michelle’s understanding of what her appearance would include, the promoter advertised that she would sing. When fans turned up expecting to see her take the stage for a brief set, they got mad at how she treated them when she showed up. A source who attended the event, claimed, “Once K.Michelle got on the mic, she said, ‘I got paid to do an appearance, not no performance. Y’all didn’t pay me $30,000 to perform get that b*tch [referring to the female singer of the gogo band to sing] to sing.”

    Another fan on Instagram took his gripe to K.Michelle’s Instagram page, where he wrote the following message:


    Meanwhile over on Facebook, another man who was at the show posted video of another singer taking over for K.Michelle as the next best thing. Coincidently, the stand-in singer is named Kimberly Michelle.


    While the Facebook poster’s account of what happened closely matches what TattleTailzz reported, K.Michelle has yet to speak on the matter at this time.

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