Daily Buzz 12.3.13: Erica Mena calls K.Michelle insecure

    Erica Mena calls K.Michelle insecure

    Erica Mena, K Michelle
    In Erica Mena’s mind, she’s running thangs on “Love & Hip Hop” and K.Michelle is too cowardly to confront her on camera.

    “That’s another insecure female. It’s sad because I have never met K. Michelle. We have similar backgrounds with domestic violence,” Erica told CocoaFab.com, claiming that K.Michelle actually saw her as competition. “She got kicked out of Atlanta so she decided to come to New York and I think she knew instantly that I was the one who held authority on the show and she just needed some ammunition.”

    Erica added, “At least she knows that in New York there’s no southern hospitality and instead of shaking tables we stomp people out, so she’s pretty smart.”

    If you let Erica tell it, K.Michelle’s actually terrified of going up against her on the

    “She’s scared to shoot with me so I don’t really know whether issue is. I would love to ask her but she’s too scared to shoot,” Erica said. “Maybe at the reunion she’ll have the guts to come and show face. So far she has been too scared to even show up to the premiere party.”

    Unfortunately, that last jab was wrong because K.Michelle did indeed make an appearance at the premiere party for season 4 of “Love & Hip Hop.” Take a peek at pics from the night!

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