Peter claims he dissed Erica at Rich’s request

    PeterGunzHer hurling a plate towards his head is proof that Erica Mena is still a tad angry at Peter Gunz for allegedly breaking up her relationship with Rich Dollaz, but Peter said that was all part of Rich’s plan.

    The “Love & Hip Hop: New York” star told Sway Calloway that the only reason he had anything to say about Erica is because Rich was trying to find a way out of his relationship with her.

    “I may get in trouble for what I’m about to tell you about this situation. They try to keep things as close to real as possible ’cause it is real, but the situation with her is, Rich came to me last season…I told Rich, ‘Fall back on shorty. She’s reckless. She can’t sing…’ I guess she took offense to that. Truth of the matter, Rich was trying to get out of a relationship with her, so, he asked me to do that. He was kinda trying to break up with chick and break off business with her,” said Peter.

    According to Peter, he had no real feelings about Erica one way or the other, and was just doing Rich a favor to help him end things with her.

    “I don’t know her. I heard about her…I heard about her reckless mouth…how nasty she is, but I didn’t know her personally. I didn’t have a nickel in that dime, so I didn’t care. He asked me to do that, and I did it,” said Peter, claiming he’s too old for the drama.

    On the show, Erica blamed Peter’s negative comments for putting a wedge between her and Rich. “You’re the main reason why me and Rich aren’t together,” she said. Erica is now dating another woman, but she is trying to repair her professional relationship with Rich, who chastised Erica for her violent behavior.

    Peter admitted that he was wrong for retaliating in kind and throwing a plastic cup at Erica.

    “I’m embarrassed that I even got that mad, but it was a ceramic plate that missed my face by an inch. It just showed me the level of disrespect that somebody can have. If they feel comfortable enough to throw a ceramic plate at your face that means that you just have no respect for a person at all. I am really a clown—I guess—in her mind,” he said.

    Peter said he was ready to let bygones be bygones when he met with Erica. He even intended to pass on some music to the singer he said can’t sing. That all changed when Erica responded to him with attitude, but Peter said that was likely just for the cameras.

    “Peter Gunz is turned up on the show. Hate me. Love me. You tuning in on the show because of my storyline. So people tend to want to turn up on me and say things about me, so they can be turned up. Nobody’s watching the show off your a$$. You gotta turn up on somebody that they are watching the show for. She turned up on me,” he said.

    Could Erica make a hit record? Peter talks to Sway about it here. Listen.

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