Porsha Stewart officially divorced from Kordell Stewart


    Porsha Stewart is truly a single woman now that her divorce from Kordell Stewart has been finalized.

    After months of messiness, Porsha’s sudden and shocking split from Kordell has been wrapped up. TMZ.com reports that Porsha and Kordell’s divorce has been finalized, effectively ending their two-and-a-half year marriage.

    The former NFL player’s lawyer, Shiel Edlin, said that Kordell is “very disappointed” that things didn’t work out with Porsha because he expected to be with her for the rest of his life. Porsha was equally devastated when she found out that he wanted a divorce just as season 5 of “RHOA” was wrapping up back in March.

    Since then all types of accusations have been flung back and forth between the picture perfect couple, he’s very upset that Porsha’s been stoking the fires of gay rumors about him.

    “For reasons we cannot understand, [Porsha] displayed a reckless abandonment of anything close to the truth over the last eight months,” Kordell’s lawyer told TMZ. “We are also hopeful that Porsha will stop villifying Kordell at every opportunity.”

    Meanwhile, Porsha seems to be enjoying her freedom as she made a celebratory post on Instagram!

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