Peter Gunz wanted to divorce Amina Buddafly

    Peter Gunz doesn’t believe that his marriage to Amina Buddafly started on the right terms, and he admitted that he thought about getting a divorce.

    The “Love & Hip Hop” star admitted that he regrets marrying Amina in such a rush, but he took it a step further when he revealed to that he had actually considered getting a divorce from his artist. Since he’d tried desperately to keep his union a secret from everyone until Amina began talking, and he admitted that he’s still in love with Tara it’s reasonable to assume that he thought of ending the marriage to be a free man. That assumption would be wrong.

    “You just gotta get married on the right terms. I didn’t get married on the terms, so now I’m back tracking,” Peter explained before dropping a major bomb. “I even considered divorcing Amina and marrying her again on the right terms because I feel like when you get married on shaky ground, on lies, on unstable stuff like that, you’re setting yourself up for failure.”

    However, Peter now seems pretty determined to be dedicated to his marriage. That means that he doesn’t feel as though it should require him to split from Amina, legally speaking, in order to wipe the slate clean and do better.

    Peter said, “Because I do know I love her, I’m going to try to work through what I’ve done. Me and Amina got married under the wrong circumstances.”

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