LaTavia Roberson talks ‘R&B Divas: Atlanta’

    LaTavia Roberson

    Tracy: So, there’s been no conflict so far?
    LaTavia: There have been disagreements. We all speak about them, and we handle them like ladies. Everybody’s a grown @ss woman. If you disagree with something, there’s nothing wrong with talking about it.

    Tracy: How much of your personal life are you sharing on the show?
    LaTavia: It’s reality for me and I’m being as open with my real life as…I’m sharing a lot of my person life on the show. Well, I’m not going to say a lot; everything that I do has been totally me.

    Tracy: Going into this, do you have an idea of how you want to be portrayed and what you’d like viewers to know about you?
    LaTavia: I’m being me 100 percent. I’ve never minded being transparent, so people can know exactly who I am. The way that I’m portrayed on the show, how everything’s edited…If I don’t mean it, I don’t say it. So, how everything ends up being edited, it’ll be me and I’ll be able to back up any way that I’ve acted or responded on the show. Period.

    Tracy: You’re already famous, but have you prepped yourself for reality TV popularity? That’s a special brand of fame. Have you gotten advice from your cast mates?
    LaTavia: I haven’t even really thought about it. I’ve been there before, and I love the fans and all of that and at the end of the day, it feels good to be working again. I embrace that fame with open arms.

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