Evelyn Lozada unsure about ‘Basketball Wives’ renewal


    Don’t ask Evelyn Lozada if “Basketball Wives” has gotten picked up for season 6. She’s got no idea!

    Season 5 of the perennial VH1 hit went out with more of a fizzle than a bang as the show ended very abruptly. Suzie Ketcham had just received a fresh beat down from her former “Basketball Wives” co-star Kenya Bell, and the next thing anyone knew the show was over.

    VH1 has yet to comment on whether the show will come back for seaosn 6, leaving many viewers have been left to wonder if that was the unofficial end of “Basketball Wives.” No one’s sure about the fate of “BBW,” not even Evelyn herself. Since she wielded the power to shut down the reunion, that’s saying something!

    “I don’t even know if there’s gonna be another season,” Evelyn told HipHollywood in a recent interview. “You know, I know that I signed on to do five season and I did five seasons.”

    She added, “The show ended a few months ago; I mean we’ll see what happens. Me personally, I just wanna focus on the rest of my pregnancy and the baby.”

    Whether or not “Basketball Wives” is picked up for another season, would Evelyn be open to staying on reality TV if she got a spin-off? “I would. You know what? Reality TV, even though there’s been a lot of negativity, it’s been more positive,” She stated. “I was able to do a lot of things because of this show.”

    Evelyn, who is expecting a child with Carl Crawford, also revealed that her baby bump had more than a little to do with her deicision not to do the season 5 reunion for “Basketball Wives.” Of course, initially, she just didn’t want to rehash her divorce drama for the umpteenth time.

    “When the show was ending, I told my publicist–and just talking with my family–I’m like, ‘I don’t want to do the reunion. I don’t want to talk about my relationship anymore.’ We’re both trying to move on,” Evelyn explained.

    If Evelyn was already cagey about doing the season 5 wrap-up, discovering that she was expecting her second child just gave her added incentive to distance herself from the franchise. She and Carl had already been dating for a few months at the point, and she didn’t want to bring her growing baby bump to the set.

    “I decided not to do the reunion, and then right after that is when I found out that I was pregnant,” Evelyn explained. “I didn’t want to reveal the bump on the reunion; it was just a little messy. Probably a little tacky.”

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