Kenya Moore cries over relationship with her mother


    Kenya Moore’s antics might be the result of a childhood, where she felt virtually nonexistent to her own mother.

    Kandi Burruss isn’t the only “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star wrestling with some mother issues. When Kenya sat down with her aunt Lori on this week’s episode, they had a deep conversation about that future that ended in tears. The former Miss USA credits Lori as being a mother figue in her life, so her opinion matters quite a bit.

    Kenya revealed that she was thinking about having a baby with her African beau, and she’s even had some fertility tests that came out with some disappointing results. Kenya’s biological clock is ticking loudly in her ears, but she confessed that she’s really prefer to get married before she gets pregnant. That’s when her aunt Lori hit her with the reality that she may need to focus more on having the baby than jumping the broom.

    Although the saying goes first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes hubby with the baby carriage, Kenya’s found that pushing for the traditional approach hasn’t been easy. “For my entire life, I’ve focused on having the marriage first, the man first, and then the child, but how’s that worked out for me so far?” she questioned during a confessional.

    Lori thinks Kenya’s problems finding a husband might have more to do with her pattern for choosing unavailable men. If she keeps picking men that simply aren’t emotionally ready or equipped to have a relationship, then Lori thinks Kenya shouldn’t be surprised at how her love life has gone thus far.

    “I can’t help to think that it all comes back to me not resolving my issues with my mother,” Kenya explained. “[She] gave me away to my grandmother and even as an adult, my mother has made the decision to pretend that I was never born.”

    It’s that type of rejection that Kenya has vowed her child–whenever she has one–will never have to face. “My child will not be ignored,” Kenya asserted. “They would not be made to feel invisible like I was.”

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