Gabrielle Union: Black women need ‘Being Mary Jane’

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    Gabrielle Union believes that shows like her series “Being Mary Jane” are absolutely essential for Black women and Latinas.

    Mary Jane Paul may not be perfect, but she’s real. Just ask Gabrielle. The “Being Mary Jane” star explained that her show, which returns to BET in January, is important for Black women to see because it gives a broader reflection of themselves. And that reflection doesn’t have to show them constantly being at odds with other ladies.

    “You need to see that women can work together. They can be a team together, they can have a friendship together and they can have conflict but conflict resolution doesn’t have to be disrespectful and crazy,” Gabrielle told “We show conflict resolution that is compassionate and respectful.

    She added, “Black Women and Latinas need to see ourselves accurately on television without it being this, you know violent unfortunate cat fight & crabs in a barrel.”

    Some would argue that reality TV shows do offer an accurate depiction of Black women since those series are supposed to be about women just living their lives. Gabrielle, however, pointed out that there is a heavy amount of scripting going on.

    “The reality is that reality TV is not real. I know a lot of these women and that’s not who they really are,” Gabrielle said. “They are edited and produced in a way. And the conflict is manufactured and we all are sort of consuming it as real.”

    “We start to believe that black women can’t be friends with other black women and that black women can’t be friends with Latinas and that’s not the everyday truth.”

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