Hill Harper’s lastest book addresses incarceration

    40Fine_HillHarper.jpgHill Harper is somewhat of a dream guy. He’s successful, talented and smart. He also stars on USA’s “Covert Affairs. He spoke to Sister 2 Sister about his role on the show this season and how different it is from what he’s done in the past. Also, Hill opened up about his latest book, Letters to an Incarcerated Brother, which he called the “most important book” he’s ever done and why some folks feel like he isn’t qualified to put pen to paper on some of the issues he touches on.

    Get all that in more in the January 2014 issue and get a sneak peek below.

    Jamie: How do we get our men out of those prisons? How do we get them into jobs and make our homes whole again because we Black women are so tired. We’re tried of having to hold down everything, and then we have these young boys that come up that we’re raising, and they’re angry because their dad is not there. We don’t know how to deal with them. You don’t understand how important this is. Let me ask you, what’s in that book? Tell me a little about it.
    Hill: You’ll see letters from incarcerated individuals that have been sent to me. You’ll see my letters back to them. You’ll also see contributions from different people that that I wanted to have in the book. Pastor Jamal Bryant is one of them. Charles “Roc” Dutton is one of them. Michael Steele is in the book. Lupe Fiasco is in the book. A wonderful spoken-word artist named Lemon Andersen is in the book—who was incarcerated for 10 years himself. So, it’s a mix of voices, but ultimately it’s an inspirational book. And many of us are in prisons not even made of iron bars that I hope this book will help free.

    cover, lisarayeHill talks about his acting roles, being a politically active, dating and more in the January 2014 issue.

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