Tara Wallace rejects ‘the other woman’ label

    Tara WallaceShe might share her bed with a technically married man from time to time, but Tara Wallace does not consider herself the other woman in the love triangle involving her, Peter Gunz and Amina Buddafly.

    “I’m not doing anything different than I’ve always done,” Tara told Sister 2 Sister. “I haven’t changed anything.”

    While she hasn’t altered her M.O., Tara now knows that her babydaddy and former beau of almost 13 years is married. Before the current season of “Love & Hip Hop: New York” began taping, she was unaware of their marital status.

    The knowledge that Peter is married to Amina may have officially ended his relationship with Tara, but it doesn’t seem to have changed how they all interact.

    “It doesn’t put me in ‘the other woman’ role. If anything, it continues to keep her where she originally was. Even in her promotion, it comes from me officially letting go,” she reasoned.

    Peter still seems torn between the two women and while she acknowledged that her relationship with Peter prevents him from moving forward with Amina, she said that’s not why she keeps him around.

    “It’s just not about Amina. I don’t do anything to get back at her or make her feel some type of way. It all has to do with me,” she said. “My relationship with Peter is not about getting back at her.”

    Even when she and Peter allow their passions to take over, Amina said that’s all about her attending to her needs and nothing more.

    “I wanted to revisit something for me, not even for him,” she said, explaining that her real-life struggle to separate from her long-time boyfriend is something to which most can relate.

    “I think that’s very real. With any breakup after that many years, there’s a struggle. There’s a battle,” she said. “I’m leaving this man and I’m moving on with my life.”

    Of course, Peter and Tara share children, so they will always be in one another’s lives because of that. For the time being, that means the drama continues, but Tara is looking forward to the day it all ends.

    “I imagine that it’s going to end kind of how it started, with a bang,” she said. “That’s something that we’re going to have to be patient and stick around for these next few episodes to see.”

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