Erica Mena and Rich Dollaz talking about marriage

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    Erica Mena might still be hearing wedding bells when it comes to her relationship with Rich Dollaz.

    So far this season, Erica’s kept things strictly professional with her on-again manager Rich. Last season on “Love & Hip Hop,” things between them were a little more ambiguous in the business department, but they were definitely a couple. Although their relationship had a messy ending, the pair revealed that they may actually have some unfinished business that could end at the altar.

    “As crazy as it is, me and Rich are good together,” Erica told Sister 2 Sister, blaming Peter Gunz for their breakup. “Had we not had this little Gunz dude in his ear, we’d probably be married.”

    Is that right? Did Erica really want to marry Rich? She confirmed, “I did at one point.”

    But let Rich tell it, and she hasn’t given up hope on wedding her manager and raising a family with him. “She still does, don’t let her fool you,” Rich chimed in. “We always have conversations about getting married and having kids. She wants a little girl.”

    Complicating whatever plans they may have for their future is the fact that Erica is dating her fellow model Cyn Santana and she’s very much in love. Rich doesn’t seem to think that it will last, though.

    “You know Erica loves me. I love Erica to death,” he bragged to S2S. “I think that last year was a bit much; I got crazy and we had to take a step back, but we never really took a step back. Now, it’s better than ever.”

    He added, “I don’t mind Cyn coming in for a little while. She can borrow Erica for a little while. I think we all know where Erica ends up when this story ends.”

    Erica would not be as generous about loaning him out to other women. Their delayed reunion has a little more to do with Rich’s inability to stick to just one woman at a time. Pointing out that Rich has been seen kissing other girls all over social media, Erica said that she’s unwilling to share her man.

    “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Rich is definitely set in his ways,” Erica explained to S2S. “Stuff like that kind of pushes me away. If I’m going to be with Rich like that, I want him all to myself. And Rich isn’t ready for that yet or a commitment.”

    She continued, “I think us as women, naturally, we give more than what we get. I’m the one with the tattoo and a cover up!”

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