Mama Joyce comes for Phaedra Parks

    Mama Joyce, Real Housewives of AtlantaMama Joyce is clearly not a fan of her daughter’s fiancé, and she wants to know what possessed Phaedra Parks to bring the two lovebirds together.

    “Why in the hell did you introduce them?” she asked Phaedra after coming to the lawyer to ask about prenuptial agreements.

    Fans of the show likely know the story. Phaedra introduced Todd Tucker to her friend Kandi Burruss during a cast trip to Africa. According to reports, the two clicked immediately and have been pretty much inseparable ever since. However, Mama Joyce’s disdain for Todd, who was part of the production team for “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” may be ruining Kandi’s chance for happiness.

    Kandi is obviously bothered by the issue, though she often tries to laugh it off, but so far her mother isn’t backing down. She’s made it clear that she would have preferred it if Phaedra had introduced Kandi to someone with a different occupation.

    “With all these lawyers and everything else that you know, you’re going to introduce her to one of the workers?” she said. “I personally wouldn’t have never introduced my girlfriend to him.”

    Though Mama Joyce has voiced her suspicions about Todd’s fidelity, suggesting that he’s having an affair with Kandi’s close friend, that’s not her only concern.

    She’s worried that he’s an opportunist who isn’t capable of providing for her millionaire daughter.

    On the contrary, Phaedra did not and does not see a problem with Kandi and Todd being together.

    “I knew Todd was the perfect guy for her,” she said. “I knew that they would make a very cute couple.”

    However, Mama Joyce said it’s not all about physical attraction, and she seems to think Todd doesn’t match too well with her daughter in that area anyway.

    “He’s little. He’s short. He’s got a big head,” she listed. “Two short people with big heads, you don’t introduce two short people with big heads.”

    Mama Joyce pointed out that Phaedra, who married a man who’d spent time in jail, didn’t go out and marry a short, big-headed man herself.

    “You didn’t get no little short man with a big head,” she said.

    Phaedra, who usually has a witty one-liner for just about every situation was left virtually speechless as Mama Joyce voiced her concerns. The only word Phaedra could come up with was, “wow.”

    Watch the exchange below.

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