Daily Buzz 12.13.13: Aretha Franklin has advice for Miley Cyrus

    Aretha Franklin has advice for Miley Cyrus


    Aretha Franklin knows a little something about longevity in the music industry, and she has a few words of advice for Miley Cyrus.

    “At some point, she will have to sit and decide whether she wants to be viewed as a legitimate singer or a novelty,” Aretha told the hosts of “The Talk.”

    Miley received harsh criticism following recent performances in which she was scantily clad and a tad risqué with her choreographed moves. From grinding on Robin Thicke to rubbing on Black women’s behinds, she caused a stir, prompting many to wonder why the 20-something seems to focus more on sensationalism than artistry at times.

    “I think that Miley is typical of one that’s very young and is having fun,” Aretha said.

    Aretha also spoke about the upcoming movie based on her life. At one time, it was reported that Aretha wanted Jennifer Hudson to take on the role, but she didn’t specify who she has in mind now. However, she confirmed that things are moving forward.

    “This is very much alive,” she said.” Five years is nothing when it comes to Hollywood and biopics… I think we’ve got a deal on the table now. I wanted to confirm that the people were credible people to work with. I have confirmed all of that now,” she said.

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