Kelly Rowland not entertaining Beyoncé comparisons

    KellyBeyonceLongFPSSKelly Rowland shared her conflicting feelings about Beyoncé’s success in her track “Dirty Laundry,” but she said she’s learned to appreciate her own path.

    “As a woman, [you] can’t expect to be on somebody else’s level and don’t allow other people to put you on somebody else’s level and look at what somebody else has,” she told Arsenio Hall. “You should want your own path.”

    It’s no secret that the two longtime friends emerged on the scene as members of the group Destiny’s Child. Then, Beyoncé’s light grew as she launched an incomparable solo career.

    Kelly implied that many people wondered why she wasn’t as successful as her BFF. However, she’s no longer comparing herself to Bey.

    “I don’t want nobody else’s path. I want my own. I had to figure it out on my own. It took me a long time to figure that out,” she said. “I like my path.”

    As a judge on “X-Factor,” that’s advice Kelly may be passing on to hopefuls, and those aren’t her only words of wisdom.

    If she had the chance to advise a younger Kelly, she’s tell her “to not be afraid of what’s on the other side. Move out on faith and just be courageous and be bold,” she said. “It’s important for us to move off of faith.”

    Watch Kelly and Arsenio below.

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