Daily Buzz 12.16.13: Khloé Kardashian dating Matt Kemp?

    Amina Buddafly reacts to last week’s ‘Love & Hip Hop’


    All Amina Buddafly could do was laugh about the moment she found out that Peter Gunz was cheating on her. After watching how Yandy Smith and K.Michelle revealed his tryst with Tara Wallace in front of her, Amina let out a little chuckle.

    But she wasn’t nearly as amused with Peter saying that perhaps it would be best for him if both Tara and Amina dumped him. “I hate when Peter says that and he does it all the time. He still does it to this day,” Amina shared.

    Tara, on the other hand, has no interest in seeing him. She told Peter that she was changing the locks and his response was to say that he would simply find another way into the house. “If he comes through my window, I will allow him to get in and then shoot the sh*t out of him,” Tara said.

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