Amina Buddafly wishes she didn’t marry Peter Gunz

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    Amina Buddafly is having some second thoughts about her marriage to Peter Gunz, and she doesn’t think they should have gotten hitched.

    “Love & Hip Hop” viewers know that Peter and Amina have had a complicated marriage from the moment they made their debut this season. At first no one knew they were even dating let alone that they were secretly married.

    Peter’s said that their union was the result of a rash decision that he regrets, but Amina agrees that they had no business running off to city hall to get married. In fact, she doesn’t think that Peter really just needs to remain a bachelor.

    “The truth is, we are really not supposed to be married right now,”Amina told “We are supposed to be together and we love each other. Sometimes I’m like, we shouldn’t be married.  He is not even somebody I think should be married, ever.”

    Amina doesn’t plan on leaving Peter, she does think it was a mistake for them to wed as quickly as they did. She doesn’t feel as though their marriage was built on a strong enough foundation.

    “That’s the reason why him and even me now says that we regret it.  We didn’t get married like every other couple. It was just a spontaneous thing that probably should not have happened.  Sometimes I wish I wasn’t married to him,” Amina confessed.

    The singer has received a lot of criticism for how she’s conducted herself in the relationship and what she’s allowed Peter to get away with. For starters, people were really shocked that she agreed to keep their marriage a secret–and they really couldn’t believe that she allowed him to sleep over at his babymama Tara Wallace’s place on a consistent basis. But Amina insists that it isn’t as bad as it looks on “Love & Hip Hop.”

    “It has been blown out of proportion, and it’s a big thing. And now people look at me like I’m stupid because we don’t really live like a married couple and it makes me feel stupid sometimes,” said Amina.

    All that aside, Amina isn’t as dumb as some people might think she is. While she won’t go looking for conflict in her relationship, she knew that Peter was hiding something the night that Yandy Smith and K.Michelle revealed that he’d slept with Tara after he’d moved in with her.

    “I have always been like that in life in general.  I don’t try to force things.  If I’m gonna know something, I’m gonna find out,” said Amina. “The thing with K. Michelle and Yandy trying to tell me stuff I didn’t know, thats something I’m really upset with him about because I really didn’t know it was still going on and that was hurtful.”

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