Rich Dollaz disappointed in Peter Gunz

    Rich Dollaz

    Rich Dollaz had honestly expected better of his friend Peter Gunz when it comes to hooking up with Amina Buddafly, but Rich won’t hold it against him.

    Last season on “Love & Hip Hop,” Peter pushed Rich to cut all ties with Erica Mena, advising him not to mix business and pleasure. Rich took the advice after much cajoling. Although Rich and Erica are back together professionally, he was flabbergasted to find out that Peter had married his artist Amina while living with his girlfriend of 13 years, Tara Wallace.

    “I was a little disappointed,” Rich confessed to Sister 2 Sister. “It’s not so easy to not do what’s wrong when put in that situation.”

    More than anything Rich feels bad for all the fire that has been flung Peter’s way since his entire love triangle was exposed on “Love & Hip Hop.”

    “As far as the relationship goes, I’m disappointed. I hate that he’s out here like this. I know he’s going through it personally,” Rich said. “It’s a lot to do this on Monday night and wake up Tuesday morning to everything that comes your way, but you know, he signed up for it.”

    Erica wasn’t quite as kind in her estimation of Peter’s behavior. “Instantly, I was like, ‘This hypocrite. This hypocrite!’ He went so hard on us last year to the point where he even started stalking my social media pages to kind of let Rich know my whereabouts,” She told S2S. “I was just kind of thrown back.”

    However Erica might feel about Peter, Rich isn’t being to hard on him. He really wishes that Peter had held himself to the same standard he set for Rich, but the music manager isn’t going to be too hard on his old friend now that the mess has been aired out In all honestly, he understand how his friend could have slipped up.

    “At the end of the day, he gives advice and he should have taken his own advice and we wouldn’t be here right now,” Rich mused. “It’s often times more difficult to take heed to your own advice than to give it.”

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