Shaq fighting Shaunie O’Neal’s spin-off


    Shaunie’s got some plans for a spin-off with her kids, but it will never make it to air if Shaq has a say.

    Although the writing appears to be on the wall, it’s still unclear whether “Basketball Wives” will return for another season. Naturally, that means Shaunie is thinking about a new project to work on. In this case, it seems that Shaunie would like to get her kids some more screen time with a reality show tentatively titled “The Shaunie Project.”

    According to, Shaunie’s tried telling Shaq that her series will be like a real version of “The Cosby Show” since she’s keeping it totally clean and family oriented. The former NBA player, however, doesn’t think that the show will remain as wholesome as Shaunie is painting it. Instead, he believes that “The Shaunie Project” will eventually showcase Shaunie and their kids as a dysfunctional family unit, and he doesn’t want his children to be

    The pair were so at odds on the potential about the show that they had to head to court to settle the matter and it did not end well for Shaunie. A judge rejected her request for an order to allow her kids to appear on “The Shaunie Project.”

    Shaunie had been hoping that the judge would side with her without a hearing, but Shaq’s lawyer Laura Wasser convinced the judge that having a hearing would be the only fair way to proceed in this matter.

    It’s not clear what Shaunie’s next steps will be at this point.

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