K.Michelle talks leaving ‘Love & Hip Hop’ drama behind

    K MichelleK.Michelle is happy to be starring in her own reality TV show soon and to be that much farther from the “Love & Hip Hop” drama.

    The singer said avoiding scenarios that might cause her to turn up has helped her stay calm and share a different side of her than fans saw in “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.”

    K. was involved in more than one altercation with co-stars on the Atlanta show after she suggested that her ex-boyfriend, who’s now married to another popular reality star, physically abused her. Cast mates on the show who are friends of the couple doubted K.Michelle’s revelation, which caused conflict.

    “I don’t put myself in certain situations now where I have to react,” she told TheGrio.com, explaining how she’s be able to avoid the drama.

    As a cast member on “Love & Hip Hop: New York,” K.Michelle has managed to stay relatively calm, cool and collected. Fans will likely see more of that side of her when her new show “No New Friends” premieres.

    She promised that fans will continue to authentic K.Michelle with the series airs.

    “It’s just me, who I always am, me as a woman, me as a mother and just me as a businesswoman and interacting with my friends,” she said.

    Does K.Michelle think reality TV is on its way out? Watch.

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