LisaRaye McCoy not a fan of reality TV?

    LisaRaye McCoyShe’s portrayed a stripper once or twice, but LisaRaye McCoy recently clarified that the roles she accepts as an actress are one thing, and being turnt up on reality TV is another.

    “I have a skill. I’m an actress. So, that means anytime the writers write something, I breathe the life into those words. That’s my part of the job,” she told Sister 2 Sister. “Reality ain’t never been that. Reality is, ‘Turn the camera on. Act the fool if you will or do what you want and we’re going to film this.’”

    “Single Ladies,” which returns to VH1 next year, is one of the network’s few scripted series, and it features successful, liberated, stylish women of color living the high life in Atlanta. In contrast, Lisa said reality shows don’t portray women in such a flattering light.

    “I almost feel like when given an opportunity or a check, we’ll sing and dance, and it’s like, ‘I thank ya, master,’” she said. “I don’t appreciate it as a woman because, you know, kids are watching this.”

    Lisa didn’t mention any specific TV show or reality star, but she dislikes the violence that has become the norm on some reality series.

    “People are walking over tables and slapping people. I’m thinking that would never happen to me because there wouldn’t be no more show. It would be over after that. I couldn’t understand that fighting and the cussing,” said Lisa who starred in her own TV One reality show.

    Though she’s not a fan of the way some reality stars behave, Lisa said the women need to help one another.

    “You can’t be judgmental. You’ve just got to expand on your experiences so we can keep teaching each other,” she said.

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