Mimi Faust to Tara Wallace: ‘I feel your pain’

    Mimi Faust, Love & Hip Hop: AtlantaWhen it comes to reality TV, their situations closely mirror one another, so Mimi Faust can relate to what her “Love & Hip Hop: New York” counterpart Tara Wallace is going through.

    Mimi, who stars on the Atlanta edition of the series, found herself in a love triangle with producer/babydaddy Stevie J who later married his “other woman” Joseline Hernandez. Tara experienced almost the same thing as she learned her babydaddy, producer Peter Gunz, had a secret relationship with one of his artists.

    “My heart goes out to Tara. I feel your pain,” Mimi told TheJasmineBrand.com.

    While viewers were shocked by the fellas’ behavior and the drama and violence that followed, Mimi pointed out that such scenarios aren’t as rare as people might think. “That goes on every day in every state. It’s not just me and [Stevie], Peter doing what he’s doing,” she said.

    The reality star said she’ll bring some of those stories to her fans when her new book drops.

    “It will be about dating a man in the industry. It will also have short stories from different women. It won’t be about just me. I will incorporate other people I know—all the stories of other women that have had similar experiences in their life too.”

    Mimi didn’t specify whether Tara’s story would be included in her book, but recognizing that their experiences are so much alike, having both might be a bit redundant.

    “I know it’s a little bit like my situation,” said Mimi who can now relate to fans who keep tuning into “Love & Hip Hop: ATL” to watch her life unfold.

    “It’s very entertaining. I cannot lie,” she said.

    Read more from Mimi at TheJasmineBrand.com.

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