Amina Buddafly thanks Tara Wallace


    She may have a broken heart, but Amina Buddafly is actually thankful to Tara Wallace for revealing her affair with Peter Gunz.

    On this week’s episode of “Love & Hip Hop,” Amina finally got a straight answer about the news that Peter was still sleeping with his babymama Tara. Originally, it was Yandy Smith and K.Michelle that revealed the news to her, when the newlyweds ran into them at a club.

    Tara dropped the bomb on Peter’s marriage while he and Amina were working on a song titled “The Pankeys.” Ironically, Tara revealed to VH1 that she had hand in creating the track.

    “I was f*cking a part of making that beat,” she shouted before watching the scene where she finally got to have that conversation with

    When Tara showed up, Amina recalled that she wasn’t happy about the intrusion because she believes that Tara is disrespectful to her. “I don’t like the way she talks to me and I don’t have to be around that,” the singer said.

    Although Amina seemed to believe that she had the upper hand in her argument with Tara, she was immediately reduced to tears when Peter confirmed that he and Tara were still messing around.

    Looking back on the incident now, though, Amina had an almost-surprising reaction to Tara, stating “Thanks, Tara, for letting me find out the truth, just like I helped her find out the truth about the marriage.”

    Check out the full confrontation below!

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