Fantasia denies being suicidal over Antwuan Cook


    You better get it right! Fantasia Barrino doesn’t plan on taking her own life over her failed romance with Antwaun Cook.

    Back in 2010, the “Lose To Win” singer did make an attempt on her own life after aborting their first child. She’s got no intention of checking out this time, though.

    It was reported back in early December that Antwaun and his estranged wife are back together and they’re trying to make their marriage work. When that news made it’s way to the public, Antwuan and Paula had actually been back together for a few months, meaning that his relatonship with Fantasia was effectively over. There was word yesterday that Fantasia was so distraught over the breakup that her friends were concerned that she would have suicidal thoughts yet again.

    Well, according to Fantasia, her friends don’t have anything to worry about. Before rumors that she was thinking of killing herself over Antwuan could spread too far, Fantasia hit up Instagram to shoot them down.

    “Lol!!! Who keeps this stuff Going?? It’s becoming a Lil questionable

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