Jennifer Williams is ‘in a happy space’

    Jennifer WilliamsJennifer Williams admits she went through a lot during her time on “Basketball Wives,” but she’s learned that her life can be a lesson for others.

    “Being on ‘Basketball Wives,’ my life has definitely changed,” Jennifer told Shasie, Fashion Blogger with Live Life in Style. “If I can save one woman from being in a bad relationship and just convince them to have the courage to go out there and find what makes them happy, that makes me happy.”

    Jennifer admitted that although she was married to an NBA baller, she was not a happy woman in her marriage to Eric Williams.

    “[‘Basketball Wives’] forced [me] to make some decisions that I might not have made if I wasn’t on the show. In regards to my marriage, I was comfortable. It was convenient, though it wasn’t the best thing,” she said. “It was what I knew, but at the same time I knew I wasn’t happy.”

    Since the show first aired, Jennifer has divorced Eric and is reportedly dating Cisco Rosado of CMG Entertainment.

    “It kind of forced me to make a decision to go out and find happiness,” she said. “I’m in a happy space right now.”

    Jennifer’s relationship with former co-star Evelyn Lozada also suffered once the show aired.

    “I also had another friendship that deteriorated…but I’m a firm believer in ‘Everything happens for a reason,’ she said, not mentioning Evelyn specifically. “If this is the direction that my life is supposed to go in, then I just have to embrace it and keep moving forward.”

    Jennifer said she’s trying to put those things behind her and focus on the positive.

    “Entertainment and reality TV display women so negatively. It’s not all like that. I think it’s very important that women do get together and there doesn’t have to be drama,” she said. “We can have a good time, sip a cocktail, shop, have great conversation and lift each other up.”

    Jennifer shares more with Shasie at Live Life in Style.

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