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    VH1 releases ‘Single Ladies’ e-book

    Single Ladies 3

    Ever wonder what happened right after Keisha Green flew off Malcolm Franks and her roommate Raquel Lancaster was left to pick up the pieces in their apartment? Well VH1 has been kind enough to give “Single Ladies” fans a little more insight on what went down between seasons 2 and 3 in a set of e-books

    Penned by Ashley Antoinette, Single Ladies: Three Stories follows Keisha, Raquel and their friend April Goldberg in a set of novellas about their individual adventures. While the season 3 premiere of “Single Ladies” seemingly crammed their interim stories into a few lines, the books take you through what really went down.

    If you have a little extra time and some pocket change, you can download your copy of Single Ladies: Three Stories from Amazon for $9.99.

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