Kendra C. Johnson talks ‘Love Thy Neighbor’

    Kendra_C_JohnsonShe is funny. She is full-figured, and Kendra C. Johnson is definitely facing fame as Linda, a single mother on TV’s “Tyler Perry’s Love Thy Neighbor.”

    “I’m a mother,” Kendra told Sister 2 Sister, describing her character, Linda Love Harris. “I have a grown son. I was a teenage mom…a single mom now because I’m recently divorced from my cheating husband. I’m in a transition stage because in my life, where I’m just trying to figure out who I am and where I fit in this world without really having those things that I’ve been accustomed to all my life because even though I’m still a mother, my son is grown now. He graduated from college, has a job and he’s living on his own.” Like many women in her situation, Kendra’s character is dealing with the search and eventual discovery of a new love in her life.

    Though she’s arguably best known for her “Love Thy Neighbor” role, Kendra’s first credited film was 2006’s Phat Girlz, starring Mo’Nique, but that wasn’t her first gig. “I got my start in the business as a body-double for Queen Latifah,” Kendra said. “I was standing in for her. Also, I worked on films but I was a part of the crew and so Phat Girlz was my first principal film role and it was great!”

    Kendra said she learned a lot from Mo’Nique, but not much that she could share. “Mo’Nique taught me a lot…I gotta think what I can actually repeat…and what was just for me. But she was the star of the film. I was the No. 2 cast person and nobody had really seen me before that but they knew her. And it was very important for her that I never felt like that. It was really through her actions. She would make it a point to make sure that things were fair.”

    Kendra may play mother to a son on television, however in her real life she’s mother to a daughter enrolled at Spelman College. “I always say that she is so amazing. I’m like, ‘Who is your mother?”

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