Kendra C. Johnson talks ‘Love Thy Neighbor’


    Kendra is a diligent advocate for breast cancer research and awareness. “My first cousin on my father’s side, who is a two-time breast cancer survivor, she’s been an amazing inspiration to our entire family” she said. “Through her journey, she decided that she wanted to give back to women and be a service to women who were breast cancer patients and survivors. So she opened a boutique in Snellville, Georgia. It’s called CaVell’s Specialty Boutique and she has all kinds of lovely things for women who have breast cancer or who have had mastectomies or reconstruction. She has bras, nightwear and active wear. It’s amazing and when I went to see the boutique for the first time, I was immediately inspired. So I directed my first music video. All of the women in the video are breast cancer survivors and the song is called ‘So Beautiful.’ That embodies how she wants women to embrace their lives and she wants them to feel beautiful again and not that they’re less than a woman because they’ve gone through that.” R&B singer from Next, Aaron DePonce, who attended high school with Kendra, recorded “So Beautiful.”

    She’s a single mom on “Love Thy Neighbor,” but in real life, Kendra has a beau. “First and foremost, he is a man of God,” she said. “That was an initial attraction. He is simply, a man, but like…a real man! And when you think that you’ve been exposed to men, previously and then you have an opportunity to spend some time with a real man, you can appreciate the difference. There’s so much in how he treats me and how he treats my daughter and my family. My family loves him and it’s just right…He allows me to be who I am because that’s always important to me that I can never feel like I can’t be myself. He’s helped me to learn how to work on becoming my real best self. And that’s priceless!”

    While Kendra was mum on dropping a name, she promised to reach out to Sister 2 Sister in the future. “If I didn’t love Sister 2 Sister like that, it would be a problem,” she said.

    The new season of “Love Thy Neighbor” premieres tonight at 9 p.m. EST. Check out a clip below.

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