Mama Joyce feels exploited by Bravo


    Mama Joyce is sick of Bravo using her tension with Kandi Burruss to fuel ratings for “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

    Much of Kandi’s story this season has revolved around Mama Joyce’s disapproval of her fiance Todd Tucker. The singer-song writer’s mother has pegged him as an opportunist that may be cheating with Kandi’s good friend Carmen. Joyce has been such a huge part of the show this season that she believes Bravo is really taking advantage of her.

    “I do. Look, I haven’t gotten a penny from Bravo” Joyce told Ebony when asked if she felt exploited by the network. “They got me [as] the main person and I done trended on [Twitter] two weeks in a row and every damn thing.”

    She continued, “People keep saying, ‘You’re a celebrity,’ and I ask, ‘How the hell am I a celebrity?’ I’m the most unpaid celebrity there is. I’m looking in the Us Weekly and I have a picture and I say, ‘How am I getting all of this attention? I’m not a celebrity!’

    As far as viewers have seen, Mama Joyce hasn’t ever really liked the last few guys that Kandi’s picked. Some speculate the disapproval may stem from Joyce’s alleged financial dependence on her daughter. Kandi’s “RHOA” co-star Cynthia Bailey even commented that the singer is supporting Mama Joyce, a statement that the volatile mama refuted.

    “Cynthia knows that Kandi don’t take care of me, I’ve been on disability, Social Security, and plus I have rental property,” Joyce argued. And anybody that knows me knows that I’ve always had my own money.”

    Since Joyce is capable of supporting herself financially, she went on to deny that she’s concerned about Kandi’s money. She just wants to make sure that no one cheats Kandi out of her hard-earned fortune, which Mama Joyce asserted that she helped establish.

    “My only thing is that I love my daughter. I love my granddaughter, and only thing I’ve ever done was try to protect my daughter, I’ve never been about her money because I have my own,” Joyce insisted. “I never tried to spend her money. I’ve always tried to save her money, help her save her money. And I just don’t want her to let someone else waste what I’ve worked so hard to help her build.”

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