Top 5 moments from ‘Being Mary Jane’ season premiere


    The season premiere of “Being Mary Jane” took viewers through all types of emotions, but there were a few moments that really made the show.

    WTF Moment
    Things might not always be what they seem on “Being Mary Jane.” The show began Mary Jane breaking into a house. Mary Jane makes a LOT of bad decisions Immediately we thought, “What the hell did she do now?!” Thankfully, she was just rushing to save a friend that had swallowed one too many pills.

    Ah Ha Moment
    Have you been wondering how Andre and Mary Jane even met? Well last night’s season premiere may have given you some insight on how their paths initially crossed when she ran into him at the gym.

    After he followed her into the ladie’s locker room (another WTF moment), viewers got a better idea of just how much Andre had been keeping from her when she discovered a picture of his kids on his phones. Coincidently, the phone could only be unlocked by typing in Mary Jane’s address.

    Ha Ha Moment
    For a show that was pretty dramatic, Mara Brock Akil slipped in some humor when news of Hurricane Kenny broke. While Kara was ready to send her out into the wet weather, Mary Jane had to pump the producer’s brakes and let her know that she’s not willing to risk her roots over a story.

    It was hard to keep from chuckling, when Mary Jane said, “There’s a reason you haven’t seen me in the rain. It’s called edges.” Say that, Mary Jane!

    Oh Sh*t Moment
    It was more than a little awkward when Andre’s wife stomped into her office to interrogate Mary Jane about her tryst with Andre.

    While we understand why Andre’s wife would have wanted the details on the affair, she was confronting the wrong person about it. Mary Jane may have been the one reveal it, but Andre’s the one she really should have been grilling.

    Watching Mary Jane describe her sex life with Andre to his wife, was just cringeworthy. Although it’s hard to take up for the sidepiece, there’s no way Mary Jane should have entertained that discussion in her office. It was tacky.

    And it was odd that Andre’s wife would want to know “what she’s up against” as if she was going to compete for her own husband. That’s just a recipe for a self esteem crisis that she could easily have avoided. Not to mention, she had her own impressive credentials that made Mary Jane shrink.

    Awkward Moment
    Insistent exes will always cramp a girl’s style! Just when Mary Jane was about to hop back in bed with her very single, incredibly sexy ex/current FWB David, here comes Andre!

    Instead of just ignoring the early morning ambush (doesn’t he have a job?!), David went out to handle the situation and Mary Jane proceeded to pull the best non-verbal monologue while watching her men face-off.

    Making the moment even more awkward was watching Andre and David’s exchange, knowing that David definitely wasn’t buying Andre’s story.

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