Chris Brown rejects plea deal in D.C. assault case


    Chris Brown is standing by his assertion that he’s innocent of assault charges that stemmed from Washington D.C. brawl.

    CNN reports that the “Fine China” singer reported to court on Wednesday, where he and his bodyguard Christopher Hollsy were offered a plea deal. The deal stipulated that the singer and his hired muscle would each be charged with one count of simple assault if the pleaded guilty.

    Lawyers for both of the men refused the deal. As it stands, surveillance video of the incident hasn’t been entered into evidence and the bodyguard is only facing one count of assault.

    Chris and his bodyguard were slammed with the charges after an altercation outside of the W Hotel in D.C. back in October. The singer was accused of punching a male fan in the face and breaking his nose.

    “He’s not guilty,” Chris’ lawyer Mark Geragos reportedly said when asked why they didn’t accept the plea deal. ”I’ve seen everything I need to see in this case, so absent prosecutors turning over video footage of [Brown] doing it, there’s little or no chance of any plea deal.”

    Chris is due back in court on February 20, but his lawyer is requesting a waiver for the appearance since because of his current enrollment in rehab, where he’s addressing his anger management issues. If convicted, Chris faces up six months in jail and $1,000 in fines.

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