Kenya Moore comments on Cynthia Bailey’s marriage


    Kenya Moore thinks Cynthia Bailey and her husband Peter Thomas may need to work a little harder on their marriage.

    “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans were shocked this week when Peter told Cynthia that he was thinking about getting his own place across town during one of their fights. Viewers asked a collective WTF at the suggestion, but Kenya took her disbelief to her Bravo blog.

    “What the hell? A married man of less than 5 years tells his wife he wants a man cave of his own in the form of an apartment across town!” Kenya wrote, adding that she would have handled the situation a little differently. “Cynthia is a better woman than me. I imagine my response to that request would be to pack all of my husband’s belongings and throw him out on the curb where he should be for that kind of nonsense.”

    Although Peter and Cynthia were fighting about her sister Malorie moving in, Kenya believes that she saw a deeper problem that the pair should address. “It appears that the communication in their relationship needs a lot of work. You cannot operate independently when you have a lifetime partnership and commitment with someone,” Kenya commented.

    And before her critics could slam her for doling out relationship as a single woman, Kenya acknowledged her own unmarried status. She added that one need not be married to know what a successful union needs. “No, I’ve never been married but I have been in long-term relationships lasting longer than most marriages do,” Kenya stated. “So yes, I do understand that communication and honesty is the foundation of ANY relationship. Bar none.”

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