Suge Knight’s babymama writing tell-all book

    Stormey Ramdhan photo by Richard LeakeSuge Knight’s ex fiancée, Stormey Ramdhan, speaks on her life with the former CEO of Death Row Records and why she’s spilling secrets in her new tell-all book.

 Stromey talks about Suge’s relationship with their two sons and about her 20-year love affair with Suge.

    Get an excerpt of the February 2014 Q&A with Stormey below.


    Jamie: What kind of relationship does [your son] have with Suge?
    Stormey: That’s unfortunately the saddest part of the book: The relationship dissipated when Suge decided that he didn’t want to be a part of our lives anymore. I think he made a decision not to be a part of many people’s lives that loved him. But ours in particular he did an about-face and walked away from my children and the responsibility of taking care of the children and being involved in their lives. He was once there for football games, and then all of a sudden whatever he was going through was more important than being a dad. So that part affected my kids, and they had to figure it out on their own and realize that they weren’t going to have that support from their father.

    cover_February2014_SybrinaFultonThere’s more to Stormey’s story. Get it in the February 2014 issue of Sister 2 Sister.

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