Towanda talks ‘bratty’ Tamar, Trina ready to date

    Traci_Towanda_TrinaTowanda Braxton didn’t hesitate commenting on her strained relationship with sister Tamar Braxton-Herbert during a recent interview.

    Towanda, Trina Braxton and Traci Braxton visited “The Couch” to discuss “Braxton Family Values,” which returns to WE tv tonight at 9 p.m. EST.

    Tamar wasn’t there with her sisters, but her name came up right away, and the show’s host asked if Tamar’s success was a problem for her siblings.

    “I think the only friction that it causes is that she’s not able to spend a lot of time with us, and then she’ll throw a tantrum…just her spoiled-brattiness,” Towanda said.

    Fans of “Braxton Family Values,” likely remember that things were not peaceful between the sisters in the 2013 finale episode.

    “We’re not really getting along right now,” Towanda said. “Sometimes we take our arguments a little too far sometimes. This is the longest that we’ve argued in a very long time.”

    Trina said the tense moments are “all a part of our sistership…At the end of the day, we always end up back together,” she said.

    The same cannot be said about Trina’s marriage to Gabe Solis. Even though the ink on the divorce papers isn’t dried, she said she’s ready to start dating.

    “I’m taking applications,” said Trina who plans to remain cordial and co-parent with Gabe.

    “When you go through a divorce, no one wins, especially the children,” she said.

    While any man who dates Trina will have to deal with the publicity that comes with dating a Braxton, she said his ability to deal with stardom isn’t of great concern. The big test is whether he can get along with her family.

    “Whenever a guy comes into our lives, he had to realize that he’s marrying the whole family,” said Towanda.

    Get a clip of tonight’s all-new “Braxton Family Values.”

    See the sisters on “The Couch.” Watch it here.

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