Carmelo on LaLa: ‘She’s always right there’

    TwitPics_LaLaCarmelo_81513LaLa and Carmelo Anthony are no strangers to rumors of marital strife and infidelity, but the two recently explained how they’ve been able to stay together despite all that.

    “We knew no matter what, we wanted each other,” LaLa told Ebony magazine. “We needed [to be] in each other’s life and that’s what’s been able to sustain this relationship all those years.”

    While other couples on reality TV have succumbed to the pressure of having their relationship picked apart and criticized by viewers, LaLa and Carmelo seemingly continue to do just fine.

    Carmelo said that’s partly because—while other people may come and go—he’s learned he can always depend on LaLa.

    “There were people coming in and out of my life, and I didn’t really know whom to trust. She was one of the people who stood by my side though thick and thin,” she said. “Even to this day, she’s always right there.”

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