Christian Keyes adds laughs to ‘Black Coffee’

    ChristianKeyesChristian Keyes readies for the release of the new romantic comedy Black Coffee.

    Christian portrays the somewhat troublesome character of Julian, cousin and friend to Robert, portrayed by Darrin Dewitt Henson.

    “I play Julian, the cousin of Darrin Henson’s character,” Christian said. “He loses his job and his girlfriend and as his friend and a family member, I gotta try and coach him through all of that stuff. I try to motivate him to start his own business because in the film, I’m an entrepreneur. He ends up meeting an amazing new woman. I’m kinda like comic relief…so I really enjoyed my part.”

    While some may call Christian’s character the voice of reason, others might label him a meddling troublemaker. “I’m both,” Christian said. “I try to get him to set his girlfriend’s clothes on fire after she breaks up with him.”

    Sometimes art imitates life. If you wonder if Christian has ever found himself in a situation like that of Darrin’s character, he offers a cautious “yes” and “no.” “Being fired, thankfully no,” he said, “but having an unexpected breakup…yes!”

    When Christian initially set his sights on show business, he thought he would use his singing voice to top the charts. “I thought singing was gonna be my way in,” he said. “Shows what I know.” Interestingly enough, Christian wrote a song, titled, “Cook My Dinner Naked.”

    Black Coffee also stars Erica Hubbard (BET’s “Let’s Stay Together”), Lamman Rucker (Why Did I Get Married), and Gabrielle Dennis (BET’s “The Game”).

    Black Coffee opens in theatres January 10. Watch the trailer below.

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