Tara Wallace offers advice, talks ‘LHH’ regrets, spinoff and more

    Tara WallaceTara Wallace is one-third of a reality TV love triangle that had viewers’ jaws scraping the floors. After the aspiring actress found out her boyfriend of nearly 13 years was already married, it took her a minute to adjust and regroup, but Tara said she’s moving on with few regrets. Now, she’s her priority, and she’s looking forward to a future that may or may not include more reality TV.

    Tara’s a bit more sure that her future doesn’t include ex, Peter Gunz, in any romantic capacity, and she has advice for women who may be wondering their man is cheating. Are their warning signs? Find out what Tara has to say about it below.


    Tracy: After all that’s happened since the current season of “Love & Hip Hop: New York” premiered, do you regret signing up for reality TV?
    Tara: No, I don’t have any regrets about doing the show. Things happen for are reason. Before I was willing to accept that there must be something better for me. Before I accepted that, I was like, “Why did I do this?” When I accepted that this had to happen in order for me to see who the person was that I had been with that obviously I didn’t know, I needed that to happen, so I that I can make choices in my own life that benefit me more, versus living my life taking care of everyone else. I don’t regret it.

    Tracy: Judging by the show, there were Instagram photos of Peter and Amina. He was staying out late at night. Looking back, were their signs that Peter was living a double life?
    Tara: Those Instagram pictures just started happening right before the show. It wasn’t like this went on for a long time. Peter would never spend large amounts of time out of the house where I just wouldn’t know where he was all the time. There were definitely times that he was not here and I could not reach him and when I did reach him, there were definitely reasons. I feel like…did they begin to increase some of the times? Yes, they began to increase. In that time frame, the pictures came out. I looked at the pictures and then the show. If it were not for the show, I would have just confronted her. It was because of the show that I didn’t do that, trying to respect that that was his artist and not seem like just some jealous girlfriend. I definitely would never allow some things to happen, like some guy just never coming home or not knowing where he sleeps at night. He was very much still acting like part of our household.

    Tracy: So, what advice do you have for a woman who might suspect her man is being unfaithful?
    Tara: I’m such a firm believer now in female intuition. You do have some women out there who are extremely jealous who have been cheated on in previous relationships and accuse their men of all kinds of things, but I think that you have to go with your gut instinct. My issue with women, and even with myself, is forget what he’s doing. When you are unhappy or when you are not getting what you need, you have to act accordingly, not wait around for him to make it right. If you’re not happy in his actions, that’s reason enough for you to leave. That’s a pill that I have to eat myself.

    Tracy: Obviously you’ve learned a lot about Peter that you did not already now. What did you think of Peter’s fight with Erica Mena? Was that out of character for him?
    Tara: That was so out of character for him. We’ve had some serious arguments. That’s the first time I’d ever seen that look in his eyes. Even after I cut up his clothes, he was still very calm. I have to attribute that to him feeling very disrespected. Especially, since he was there to wave the white flag and the fact that she’s not receiving that. Then, there was a plate that was being thrown. I’ve never seen him like that. Peter doesn’t have a temper at all. I dated Peter for like five or six years before we had our first argument. We never even argued.

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