Date Night With Stephen Bishop

    Stephen Bishop BET PhotoIf you’re watching BET’s “Being Mary Jane” then you recognize Stephen Bishop’s warm smile. He plays David, the love that Gabrielle Union’s character Mary Jane let get away. Similar to his character on the show, Stephen is a successful bachelor in real life. He’s a former professional baseball player and an avid golfer who is dating with an agenda of finding someone he can raise kids with in the future. He prides himself on being a gentleman who opens doors, pulls out chairs, stands up when his date goes to the bathroom and stands up when she returns to the table. “It’s astounding to me when I do these types of things that women look at me like I have three heads. The guys out here these days are simply not on their gentleman [game].”

    Read on to find out what he would do to impress a woman with wife potential and what she should do to catch his eye.

    Sabrina: What would you wear on a date?
    Stephen: I’m a casual guy. I normally wear some nice jeans and a leather jacket. I put more time into my accessories than I do into my brand names. I collect watches and bracelets and things like that.

    Sabrina: What kind of bracelets do you wear? Rockstar fly. That’s what I call it.
    Stephen: Are you a talker or a listener? I am a good listener but I am also a talker. I have to admit that’s one of my flaws. I can get a bit lengthy.

    Sabrina: If all goes well, how long before you follow-up with a call or text?
    Stephen: As soon as I drop her off I would send her a text: “I had an incredible time. I hope you did as well and I look forward to seeing you again.”

    Sabrina: Should she offer to chip in and pay for anything?
    Stephen: I’m definitely taking care of everything. But I would love it if she offered. I would never let her pay for it, but just the offering is appreciated. That’s something women don’t do enough. Here’s the thing: There are women out there who are doing their thing and they take pride in being able to do something like that. So if she offers, and I say no, and she insists, I’m going to let her do it. I’m not going to go back and forth.

    Sabrina: What’s one of your dating pet peeves?
    Stephen: Let’s say we go to a place where we don’t have a reservation. And the maître d’ says, “party of two?” And I go to say yes, and she jumps and says yes before me. And then they say, “Under what name?” And she says her name—big pet peeve for me. That’s a problem for me. At that moment I will look at her and say, “I got this.” Let a man be a man. That’s my thing.

    Gabrielle talks about Mary Jane’s relationship with David. Watch.

    cover_February2014_SybrinaFultonGet more Date Night details from Stephen in the February 2014 issue.

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