SWV: ‘I don’t think we’re acting like Kelly Price’

    SWVThe ladies of SWV are allowing reality TV cameras into their lives, and despite what other divas have experienced, they’re not worried about the exposure ruining their reputations.

    Coko Clemons, Lelee Lyons and Taj George star in “SWV Reunited,” premiering Thursday on WE tv, and while stars of the “R&B Divas” franchise have lost a few fans after appearing on reality TV, the SWV ladies don’t think that’s something they need to worry about.

    “We were aware that the cameras were there and they were filming everything. You gotta be smart when you’re taping reality TV. You can’t just act any kinda crazy way. You gotta think smart,” said Coko. “I don’t think we’re acting like Kelly Price [of ‘R&B Divas: LA].”

    “I agree. We definitely don’t behave that way,” Taj said, referring to Kelly’s on-screen persona, which Kelly attributed to editing. “It was such a drastic change from the person you know and see singing from the person who was on camera. We’re not that different. I don’t think that their perception of us will be much different from what it is now.”

    Fans will “get a chance to see who we are behind the music,” added Lelee who acknowledged that giving viewers an inside look into their lives is a must in today’s society in which celebrities are so accessible.

    “It’s definitely necessary,” Lelee said. “You have a lot of people who are not SWV fans. Whoever can’t connect with us musically, can connect with us personally. It’s important to me that they like something about us, whatever that something is for them…then I think our job is done.”

    However, when it comes to reality TV, it seems the haters are more vocal than the fans, but SWV isn’t worried about Twitter thugs.

    “Some of the comments…people are just crazy,” Taj said. “You have some who absolutely love you. Some don’t know a thing about you and can’t stand the cells in your body. You have to realize, these people know nothing about you. They’re basing their hatred off of what they see on television.”

    For those social media critics who cross the line, Taj knows exactly how to deal with them.

    “They can get blocked and deleted,” she said.

    Watch Part 1 of the premiere below and tune in Thursday at 10 p.m. EST.

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