Daily Buzz 1.15.14: Is Ciara having a boy or a girl?

    Kevin Hart getting married again?

    Kevin Hart might be ready to jump the broom again! During a chat on “Big Boy’s Neighborhood,” the Ride Along star mentioned that he might put on a little show for his girlfriend Eniko Parish.

    “I know how to do things that separate myself. For Valentine’s Day its not always about spending money. It’s about making it a memorable day,” Kevin said. “For me, I might dance for my lady this year…I’m thinking about giving my lady a little Chippendale moment.”

    But will Kevin be adding some bling while he’s shaking his booty? Kevin hinted that he’s considered popping the question to Eniko soon. “It’s definitely in my future. I got a good one,” said Kevin.

    “I wish I could sit up here and lie and say that it hasn’t been talked about and ‘oh my god there’s no way’ but we’ve got some years in. We’re going on almost five years pretty soon,” he continued. “She’s definitely proven herself, she’s there for me, I know that she loves me. She’s stepped up and taken a role in my life as well as my kids its a beautiful thing. So it’s something that definitely in talks.”

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