Daily Buzz 1.15.14: Is Ciara having a boy or a girl?

    Ciara talks pregnancy

    Now that she’s finally revealed her baby bump, Ciara is sharing some of her thoughts as a mom to be!

    “it really is a blessing. It’s the most exciting time of my life,” said Ciara. “I’m really excited; I’m like a little kid–like you know when a kid’s getting ready for Christmas.”

    Ciara’s already got an idea of what kind of present she’ll be getting, though. “I did have a preference before I found out what it was,” Ciara said of the baby’s gender. “I had a preference at first, but when I was told what it was, I felt it like it was going to be what it’s supposed to be.”

    She didn’t explicitly state whether she’ll be having a boy or a girl, but she coyly added, “My fiancé got what he wanted.”

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