KeKe Palmer hurt by sex tape rumors

    KeKe Palmer

    KeKe Palmer couldn’t just ignore rumors of her starring in a sex tape like she does most other gossip because it hurt her so much.

    Recently, a fake video of a woman whom some presumed to be KeKe engaging in oral sex has been circulating. The actress was attached to the scandalous clip after the guy in the video posted a shot with her to his Instagram account. Most assumed that since the girl in the video has black hair like KeKe that it must be her.

    “This is the perfect bullying example.. I have black hair, so now I’m a girl in a random video with black hair?” KeKe tweeted when she caught wind of the rumor. “A million females in the world with black hair, but it’s Keke Palmer. Talk about REACHING. The weave is not even real hair #stopit.”

    She added, “I am a victim because I took a picture with a fan? Should I just not take pictures with fans that have less than positive connotations?”

    KeKe may have presented a brave face on social media, but she revealed to that the assumptions cut much deeper than she initially let on. The part that hurts her the most is that she can’t understand why anyone would peg her with such a raunchy rumor.

    “Every now and then there are some things you can throw over your shoulder,” she said. “But that, that was too much and I’ve done too much good in my life to deserve that type of treatment.”

    KeKe continued,” All I did was take a picture with a fan, and now you turning it into something terrible. I didn’t understand it. I literally was at a loss.”

    She saw the rumors as an attempt to damage her reputation and her career, and she didn’t appreciate the attack. Furthermore, she found it hard to wrap her mind around why people were more willing to spread something negative than talk about the positive things she does.

    “When we get something going, and when we get something cooking we should be lifting each other up, and holding each other’s hand. And the moment we get one it’s like tearing them down,” she said. “To come back and see my own people try to take me down like that, it kills my heart because it’s like everything I do, I do for us.”

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