Daily Buzz 1.16.14: Erica Mena’s girlfriend denies being a lesbian

    Erica Mena’s girlfriend denies being a lesbian

    Erica Mena and her girlfriend wouldn’t exactly call themselves lesbians. Erica’s made no secret of the fact that she likes men and woman.

    “I’ve kissed girls before. I’ve never been in a relationship with a girl. She basically harassed me. I was like pinned to the wall and I had no other f*ckin’ choice, and then I liked it,” Cyn said. “I wouldn’t consider myself a lesbian.”

    Although the pair are very much in love and sleeping together on a regular basis, they’re not ruling men out of their love lives. “You guys are putting a label on it. I hate that,” Erica said. “I’m bisexual. We have crushes. I have my man crush, she has her man crush.”

    “We still like men. When she likes a guy, I know, and when I like a guy, she know, it’s like ‘oh!  he’s cute’ and that’s it,” Cyn added. “We’re not lesbians, we like d*ck too!”

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