SWV reflects on group’s breakup, reconciliation

    TwitPics_SWV_11614Outside influences helped tear apart the ladies of ‘90s group SWV, but Coko Clemons, Taj George and Lelee Lyons said they’re much more mature about their business and personal relationships these days.

    “It all started with our team. It was internal issues that…kinda spread into the group. It was just bad energy all together,” Lelee told “Huffington Post Live” about the trio’s breakup.

    Taj said the ladies didn’t quite grasp what was coming between them until the damage was done. “We were so young, we didn’t realize what was going on until way too late,” she said.

    SWV fans will get more details on what split the group up when “SWV Reunited” premieres tonight on WE tv.

    Though there don’t seem to be hard feelings, the road to reconciliation wasn’t an easy one. Taj had to sell her condo when the group disbanded, and Lelee admitted that she lived in her car for a while.

    “There were some moments where I would just literally just sleep in my car. I would run out of gas because I kept the heat on. I was living in New York…It was a pride thing for me,” she said, explaining why she didn’t reach out for help from friends and family. “I dealt with myself during that moment by myself. It was tough, but it was necessary.”

    Coko spent her time away from the group working on a solo career, but she said it wasn’t the same without her SWV sisters.

    “It was fun, but it was boring, just being out there by myself, missing the girls,” she said.

    Luckily for fans, the conflict and drama didn’t keep the ladies apart and their relationships—both personal and professional—have healed.

    “We’re friends and business partners. We started off as friends and business came into play. Now, we combine them both. It’s hard not to when you spend this much time with people,” Taj said.

    Watch more from SWV below. “SWV Reunited” premieres tonight at 10 p.m. EST on WE tv.

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