Tara Wallace goes on a date


    Tara Wallace wasn’t paying Peter Gunz much mind when she stepped out with her new boo at party he attended.

    The “Love & Hip Hop” star was giddily moving on with her life on this week’s episode as she set up a double date with a fellow actor named Aaron and his brother. Sparks didn’t fly for K.Michelle’e and Aaron’s twin, but there was definitely a love connection for Tara.

    After pulling some stunts on their first date, Tara decided to bring Aaron along as her +1 for Rich Dollaz’s modeling agency launch party. Did we mention that Tara’s ex Peter Gunz was DJing the event.

    Interestingly, what landed on the cutting room floor was when Rich Dollaz tried to cramp Tara’s style after Peter stated that he wouldn’t ruin her fun. Rich had no such reservations as he made b-line for Tara and her date, making it very clear to Tara that Aaron was not a welcomed guest.

    Even though Tara was pretty wrapped up in her new guy, though, she did feel a little bad flaunting him in front of her ex. She didn’t feel weird enough to leave or tone done her little love fest, but she said, “I’m here to have a good time; he’s my date. I’m having a hard time saying date when the man I’ve been with for 13 years is [here].

    Looking back over this week’s episode, though, Tara couldn’t stop gushing and blushing about her actor beau and their big kiss. “That’s all you need in life ladies and gentleman: A man with big arms and a big back,” she told VH1. “That just makes me blush because I have not kissed another man in 12 years and 8 months.”

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